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Metal Matrix Composites
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Graphene/Metal Nanocomposites
High Entropy Alloys
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Stretchable Conductor
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Porous Carbon Nanofibers
Fabrication and Charaterization of CF/M-GNP/Epoxy Nanocomposites for Stealth Aircrafts


Carbon fiber, which is often used as a material for aircrafts, is widely used industrially as a polymer composite material with high mechanical, electrical, and thermal properties. However, this composites have been pointed out as a weak point due to weak interfacial bonding with carbon fiber and polymer matrix compared to high strength and elasticity. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to add reinforcement. Also, to be used as stealth fighters, it is necessary to be able to maintain a superior electromagnetic shielding ability. Electromagnetic interference shielding (EMI shielding) refers to shielding of the propagation of electromagnetic radiation into materials with reflection and/or absorption of radiation through the shield. The high mechanical strength, conductivity, surface area make graphene an excellent choice for excellent mechanical properties and nanocomposites for EMI shielding. However, graphene cant make the most of its characteristics because of agglomeration in nanocomposites or powder state. In Composite Materials Lab, We fabricated Graphene/magnetic particle nanocomposites with molecular level mixing, which made it possible an improvement in dispersibility of graphene and EMI shielding effectiveness. Graphene based nanocomposites are expected for materials in high-performance EMI shielding exhibiting magnetic properties of nanoparticles.

Fig.1 Microstructure of CF/Graphene/Magnetic Particles/Polymer Nanocomposites

Fig.2 Application Areas of EMI Shielding

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