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Fabrication and Charaterization of Basalt Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites


Nowadays according to becoming increasingly concerned about environment, natural fiber reinforced plastics have received considerable attention as a substitute for glass fiber reinforced plastics which have typically been used in various industries. In this study, Basalt fiber reinforced nylon 6,6 composites were fabricated by melt processing and their morphology and mechanical properties were investigated. Basalt fiber, which is one of ecofriendly natural fiber, was used as reinforcement and embedded in nylon 6,6 to form composites. We compared their mechanical properties with GF/nylon 6,6 prepared in the same way and explored the fracture surface morphology of them. In order to improve interfacial bonding between basalt fiber and nylon 6,6, we used silane coupling agents, which can connect fiber and matrix and their effects on mechanical properties were also investigated.

Fig. Schematic diagram of fabrication of basalt fiber reinforced thermoplastic composites

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